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Family: livestock dog, sheepdog, mastiff (draft/cattle)
Area of origin: Germany
Original function: cattle drover, guardian, draft
Average size of male: Ht: 24-27, Wt: 85-135
Average size of female: Ht: 22-25, Wt: 80-100
Other names: none

Rottweiler Dog Temperament

Confident, bold, alert and imposing, the Rottweiler is a popular choice for his ability to protect. As befitting his self-assured nature, he tends to be headstrong and stubborn and is often domineering. He can be reserved, often wary, toward strangers. He may be overly protective if he perceives that his family is being threatened, and he may also attempt to "herd" children. This is a powerful breed that needs socialization, consistent training and daily exercise to be the best he can be , a loyal family member and guardian.

Rottweiler Dog Care

The Rottweiler needs daily physical and mental activity, either in the form of long walks or jogs, or a vigorous game in a safe area, as well as obedience lessons. He enjoys cold weather and may become overheated in hot weather. He needs to spend significant time inside with his human family, however, so that proper bonding can occur. Coat care is minimal, consisting only of occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

Rottweiler Dog Health

Major concerns: CHD, elbow dysplasia, SAS, osteosarcoma, gastric torsion
Minor concerns: OCD, entropion, ectropion, vWD, panosteitis
Occasionally seen: PRA, cataract, epilepsy
Suggested tests: hip, elbow, cardiac, blood, (eye)
Life span: 8-11 years

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