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Boston Terrier

Family: Terrier, companion, Mastiff (Bulldog)
Area of origin: United States
Original function: ratting, companion
Average size of male: Ht: 15-17, Wt: 10-25
Average size of female: Ht: 15-17, Wt: 10-25
Other names: none

Boston Terrier Dog Temperament

The Boston is devoted and sensitive to its owner's wishes and moods. He is well-mannered indoors but saucy and playful (especially enjoying ball chasing) whenever the chance arises. Somewhat stubborn, he is nonetheless clever and learns readily. Some bark a lot.

Boston Terrier Dog Care

This is a lively dog that needs daily exercise and interaction with his people. He loves games, and most of his exercise requirements can be met with a romp in the yard or a short walk on leash. He cannot live outdoors. Some Bostons wheeze and snore, and many don't tolerate heat well. The coat requires only minimal care, an occasional brushing to remove dead hairs.

Boston Terrier Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: cataract, PDA, patellar luxation, stenotic nares
Occasionally seen: deafness, hydrocephalus, esophageal achalasia,
distichiasis, persistent right aortic arch
Suggested tests: none
Life span: 10-14 years
Note: This breed does not tolerate the heat and is sensitive to
anesthesia. It is prone to corneal abrasions. Caesarian deliveries
are commonly needed.

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